Coke of Trusley on Magna Brittanica


Coke, of Trusley.—This family is of considerable antiquity. Hugh Coke married the heiress of Owen, of Marchington, in Staffordshire, and settled at that place in the reign of Edward III.: Thomas, his grandson, about the middle of the fifteenth century settled in Derbyshire, in consequence of his marriage with one of the coheiresses” of Odingsells, of Trusley. Richard Coke, the fifth in descent from this Thomas, married the heiress of Sacheverell, of Nottinghamshire. William Coke, grandson of Richard, married a coheiress of Beresford, of Alsop. William Coke, great-grandson of the last-mentioned William, dying without male issue in 1716, the elder branch became extinct: his daughters and coheiresses married Edward Wilmot, or the Chaddesden family, and D’Ewes Coke, of Suckley, in Worcestershire, descended from George Coke, Bishop of Hereford, a younger brother of Sir Francis Coke, of Trusley, who died in 1639. The Reyerend Francis Wilmot, Rector of Trusley, and D’Ewes Coke, Esq., of Brookhillhall, in the Nottinghamshire part of the parish of Pinxton, are the repre sentatives of this branch.

Daniel Parker Coke, Esq., of the College in Derby, descended from the Reverend Thomas Coke, Rector of Trusley, a younger brother of Robert Coke, Esq., who died in 1713, is the male representative of the family, being the eleventh in descent from Thomas Coke, who married the heiress of Odingsells. The mother of Mr. Coke was heiress of Goodwin; his grandmother, the heiress of Willet, both of Derby. Sir John Coke, Secretary of State to King Charles I., and younger brother of Sir Francis Coke, of Trusley, settled at Melbourne in this county. George Lewis Coke, Esq., the last heir male of this branch, died in 1750; his sister and sole heir married Sir Matthew Lambe, Bart., father of the present Lord Viscount Melbourne.

Arms of Coke, of Trusley: Gules, three crescents, and a canton, Or.

Crest: The sun in splendor

— Extract from Magna Britannia